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Protect your business or commercial property with a reliable roof installed by Forevergreen Roofing. Whether the plan is to install a new roof or extend an existing one’s life, we understand the importance of completing the job in a timely, cost-effective, and efficient manner.

Most business owners have never set foot on their roof and may not even think about it until something goes wrong. When a storm strikes or the roof is leaking from old age, you’ll need someone you can trust to get the job done right, on time, and within your budget.

We are fully equipped to manage all your roofing requirements, whether your building has a pitched or flat roof, has walking traffic, skylights, or unusual drainage needs.

Some signs that may indicate a roof repair is needed include:

  • Increasing energy bills (heating and cooling) month over month.
  • Moisture forming inside the structure.
  • Roof sagging.
  • Surface bubbles.
  • Clogged drains.

Any of these signs is an indicator of roof damage, and it’s highly recommended that you contact us for an inspection. Our team can provide expert guidance on how you can prevent such problems in the future.

Don’t let a small issue grow into a larger (and more costly) one! Contact Forevergreen Roofing today!

Conklin Roofing Products

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System Denver Colorado

At Forevergreen Roofing, we know that installing a Conklin’s spray polyurethane foam roofing system or maintaining or repairing an existing SPF commercial roof offers a wide variety of substantial benefits to a commercial building owner. With the rise of energy costs, most business owners are exploring ways to ensure their energy costs are managed to offset the rise in energy costs.

Conklin’s SPF System is a great way to provide high-grade insulation on both roofing and interior wall application for top-down protection from the elements. An SPF application effectively controls air filtration, adds building strength, and reduces cooling and heating costs. During the restoration process, each problem area is systematically addressed, repaired, and resealed; then the entire roof is sealed with a reflective finish coat.

The foam roof insulation solution that Forevergreen Roofing will install on your building will change an existing, non-energy-efficient roof into an environmentally friendly “green” roofing solution that will help manage a commercial building owner’s energy costs. The spray polyurethane roofing system will pay for itself in a few short years due to the energy-efficient effect of the product.

Spray Polyurethane Foam is extremely lightweight – about eight oz’s per square foot and can be applied over most existing roofs without surpassing the load capacity of the building. Amazingly strong, the SPF product can easily withstand light foot traffic and other weight load bearing requirements.

Conklin’s foam roofing systems have met the most stringent requirements for a variety of industry groups, such as Factory Mutual, Underwriters’ Laboratories, and are recognized by the International Conference of Building Officials. No matter what system you choose, Conklin has you covered for years to come.

  • Eliminates air infiltration – the number one cause of energy loss.
  • Offers an impressive insulation value of R-5 per inch.
  • Adds structural strength without adding much weight.
  • Can be applied to most existing roof surfaces.
  • Withstands hurricane-force winds.
  • Can easily correct damaged substrate and/or poor drainage.
  • Will not absorb water due to foam’s closed-cell insulation properties.
  • Reduces sound transmission.
  • Is fast and easy to repair or re-coat.

If you have any questions on Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System’s, please contact Forever Roofing today!

Single Ply Membrane Roofing System

Conklin’s Single Ply Membrane Systems are made with premium thermoplastic membranes. During installation, membrane rolls are overlapped and weld together to form an exceptionally durable, waterproof, and energy-efficient shield that will deliver unsurpassed protection for years to come. We provide Single Ply Membrane Sytems in the following areas outside of our headquarters in Denver Colorado. These areas include Boulder, Littleton, Castle Rock, Aurora, Thornton, and everywhere in between.

The class of commercial roofing membranes commonly described as “single-ply” are flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials that are manufactured in a factory to strict quality control requirements. There are three major categories of single-ply membrane roof systems: thermosets, thermoplastics, and modified bitumens.

Single-ply roof systems provide the long-lasting durability your roof needs along with the strength and flexibility which are critical to its application. The advantages of pre-fabricated sheets are the consistency of the quality of the products that are manufactured, the versatility in their attachment methods, and therefore, their broader applicability.

  • Stops leaking roofs with superior waterproofing.
  • Offers excellent protection from wind and hail.
  • Offers fire and chemical resistance.
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface.
  • Can be applied in all seasons, performs in all climates.
  • Up 20-year warranty available.

To learn more about the single-ply membrane roof systems and whether they will work for your commercial building contact Forevergreen Roofing today.

Metal Roof Restoration

Forevergreen Roofing utilizes Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration System-it is a complete waterproofing system for metal roofs. It arrests leaks, inhibits rust, and provides an energy-efficient, long-lasting, attractive finish coat that will extend the life of your roof for years. At Kauffman Roofing we provide Metal Roof Restoration in the following areas outside of our headquarters in Denver Colorado.

During the restoration process, the entire roof is cleaned with Rust Off and then primed with Conklin’s rust inhibiting primer called Metal Ready Universal. Once the seams and fasteners have been reinforced the entire roof is coated with a highly reflective coat. With its white top coat, our Metal Roof Restoration System by Conklin reflects the vast majority of the sun’s heat waves allowing your building to stay cooler and lower your commercial buildings’ air conditioning bills.

  • Stops leaks with superior waterproofing.
  • Offers superior protection from wind and hail.
  • Increases energy efficiency and lowers utility expense with its cool, white reflective surface.
  • Extends the life of the existing roof.

Steps Involved With Our Metal Roof Restoration System:
Our metal roof restoration system uses Conklin’s quality high-performance products and consists of these steps, of course, every roof has it’s own set of needs:

  • Pressure wash the entire roof using effective rust inhibiting cleaner to remove rust and prevent further oxidation.
  • Prime or paint the current roof with a rust-inhibiting primer.
  • Re-insure all screws and roof components are secure. Fill all holes, cracks, and joints with acrylic caulking. Caulk each individual fastener on the roof deck.
  • Apply the white reflective top coat of your choice to ensure a seamless, waterproof finish sure to protect your roof for years to come.
  • Contact Forevergreen Roofing today to learn more about how we can restore your commercial building metal roof system.

Fabric Reinforced Roofing System Denver Colorado

Conklin’s Fabric Reinforced Roofing System will give your building and business trouble-free protection. It waterproofs with a seamless acrylic coating in which a tough, flexible fabric is embedded. This combination makes a rugged, yet lightweight membrane that resists splitting and rupturing – the primary cause of leaks. This roofing system also substantially increases the strength of your roof, extends its life expectancy, and increases the energy efficiency of the building.

  • Protection where your roof needs it most – at the seams.
  • Fast application – minimizing work-site congestion.
  • A variety of quality coatings; one is right for your building.
  • May eliminate the need for expensive tear-off and haul away.
  • A cooler roof lasts longer.
  • Non-pro-rated material warranties are available.
  • Dirt-resistant finish.
  • Easy and affordable repair and renewal.

A fabric-reinforced ply roofing system combines the leak-resistant seamless membrane of a liquid-applied system with the toughness and tensile strength of a single-ply system. The reinforced fabric gives extra strength to the finished watertight coating membrane without adding significant weight.

With its reflective, energy-saving white top coat, your finished ply system stands up against tough weather and offers strong long-lasting protection. Conklin revolutionized the commercial roofing industry when they introduced this roofing product because it built on the premise and knowledge that a white roof will naturally reflect more heat which keeps your building cooler.

Forevergreen Roofing can help you determine if your building would benefit from a fabric reinforced ply roofing system. We serve all of Denver Metro and the Front Range Of Colorado.

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